Municipal Law Attorneys

Boston Municipal Lawyers
Municipal law is a field that includes the representation of clients in front of cities and towns as well as representing communities seeking to construct or regulate complex projects.

Lynch, DeSimone & Nylen, LLP provides legal services in three different areas of municipal law; permitting, enforcement cases and representing communities on municipal developments. Statutes and regulations require local approvals for construction of homes, commercial structures, golf courses, transfer stations and recycling facilities, municipal buildings, schools, as well as for the operation of commercial and industrial businesses. Richard A. Nylen, Jr. (“Chip”) has been in private practice for thirty years appearing in front of municipal boards as well as a litigator before administrative agencies, state, and federal courts.

It is critical that owners and interested individuals select a firm with knowledge and familiarity with the statutes and that the firm include highly regarded real estate professionals. Lynch, DeSimone & Nylen, LLP is unique in that each of the principals is a problem solver and litigator in distinct areas of land use litigation. Attorney Nylen has represented residential property owners, commercial owners, municipalities, golf course owners, landfill operators as well as abutters to projects in front of local, state and federal agencies and state and federal courts. It is never too early to retain counsel in a municipal matter. Gathering information early in the process is critical. Experienced counsel should advise parties prior to and throughout the permitting process.

About Chip Nylen

Chip NylenChip has had success representing the MBTA in the $400 million dollar reconstruction of the Greenbush Commuter Rail Line running from Braintree to Scituate, as well as siting commercial buildings, residential subdivisions, landfills, waterfront buildings and golf courses. He has also represented individuals targeted by local, state or federal agencies for violations of environmental statutes in enforcement proceedings. He has represented municipalities in the construction of multi-million dollar wastewater treatment plants, schools, restaurants and in the peer review of complex projects.